#SDR 1275: 10x Your Life

Be it money, effort or time, whatever it is that you put into the various aspects of your life, make sure that you are getting back 10 times more. Anything less, leave it alone. What this does, is that this will allow you to maximise the quality of your life. So be conscious of what you are investing your resources into. The money that you spent, make sure it comes back to you 10 times. It does not necessarily need to be of monetary return. It can also be in the form of intangibles. Remember that even the little things count. If you are ever in a dilemma between two options even after passing through your criteria, weigh them against the 10x rule, whichever achieves that or more, you have a winner. And if both meet the criteria, then pick whichever one, it doesn’t matter because either ways you win.


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#SDR 1274: It Is Your Mind That Lets You Down

Mind over body. I am sure you have heard that one too many times. But it always bears the need to be repeated again and again. Most people are conditioned to avoid pain as far as possible but the truth is that you can handle more pain than you thought possible. Pain or struggle is part of the process to achieving success in anything in life. To get to what you want, you have to pay the price. And often time, the reason you did not achieve what you desire is because your mind told you to drop it, that you are in pain and that you should stop. So if you truly want to succeed, take back control of your mind. Reign it in to do your bidding, not to think what is best for you. Pain or struggle is necessary. They are inevitable. Get that engraved in your mind. You can handle far more than you can imagined. Persevere and you shall achieve success.


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#SDR 1273: It’s Good To Be Wanted

In life, we have to understand that as much as we want to be kind and generous by helping others, it is hard to do so when the receivers of that help does not want to help themselves. There is only so much we can do to affect change from the outside because in the end what matters are the internal players of the situation. Make yourself help-able. Make yourself valued and prized. It is a good feeling to be wanted, but you need to earn that. It does not come free. It is a result of your hard earned effort and time that you have put in to get to where you are. Do not be afraid to use that leverage that you have cultivated to your advantage. Remember that in the end, people will always want to help themselves first.


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#SDR 1272: Do Not Let People Run You Over

Some people are not very kind. They will take advantage of you. Use your good naturedness, helpfulness or kindness to benefit themselves. Do not let these people run you over. They could very well be the closest to you, much older or senior than you, no matter, you need to draw a line and make it clear to them. That you will not allow yourself to be used and abused in any manner. It is best to communicate this at the beginning of any relationship. The next best time is right now, once you realised that you have not done so. Make sure that they understand that you are not to be messed around with, and actually enforce the line that you have indicated when breached. Realise that you essentially teach others how to interact with you by communicating verbally or non-verbally what you will accept and not. And silence is by default an approval. So speak up. Let your voice be heard. Respect each other, and you will have a great relationship.


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#SDR 1271: Invent Yourself

The average human being is very fortunate and powerful. They have the luxury to dream and the power of choice. That combination is often overlooked and perhaps not even thought about in the course of their lives. Most people have dreams but not many would want to make the necessary choices to make them a reality. They will come up with a million different reasons as to why achieving their dreams is not possible and as a result, that will be their reality. We all have the power in us to invent ourselves. Stop looking at what we are lacking in and instead shift our focus to what we are blessed with. With that mindset shift, you would be open to many doors of possibility and all they need is for you to step into any of them and put in the work. Set your dreams and get to work.


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#SDR 1270: Flush Negative Energy Out Of Your System

Do not ever let negative emotions or energy linger inside of you even for a second. Once you notice it, flush it out. Fast. Do not “let it slide”, thinking that it is a small and passing thing. The more you let it sit in, taking root in your being, the tougher it is for you to pull it out. Quickly focus on the things that are within your power to act upon. If it is beyond your will, let it go. Sometimes you need to let go of the things that are doing harm to you in order to let the good into your life.


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#SDR 1269: Relationships Are Cultivated Not Demanded

Just because someone lives under the same roof as you, does not meant that the two of you will automatically have a great relationship. Similarly, do not think that it is a given that everyone in the same team has to have the same level of team spirit as all the members in it. If we can respect that we are each our own individual self and that the term ‘common sense’ is not so common after all, we might become more understanding and accepting of the different unique traits surrounding us. Relationships can never be demanded. Loyalty, perhaps, pending circumstances. But a good honest relationship void of any pretence and ill intent, can never be demanded but needs to be cultivated instead. So if you are willing to invest the time, energy and effort, you will likely have a great relationship with pretty much whomever you want.


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