Do what others won’t

When looking at the successful people we see on the screens, rags of magazines or even the ones around us, bear in mind these two simple facts.

  1. They are human beings, just like you and I.
  2. They have the same amount of time as the rest of us. No more. No less.

You might find these too trivial to give it any merit, but they are the gold mine. By acknowledging these two simple facts, we remove the ‘excuses’ that we tell ourselves why we can’t achieve what those people have.

Some pundits might attribute the success to looks, money, voice, brain and even luck, but who are we kidding.

Aren’t there success stories where the person does not have the looks, the money, the voice and the other stuffs that we put forth to avoid the all-important fact of the matter that differentiates us from them?

They put in the work. They do what most won’t.

They start their morning early. They put their running shoes on despite having little sleep. They consciously select what food they put into their bodies. They make the tough calls. They get back up again as soon as they fall.

Perhaps, next time, when you ever feel like giving up or skipping a workout or do anything that takes you off the path to your success, you need to shake yourselves up and remember to:


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