Be stubborn, as long as it is measured

The path to success oftentimes does need a little bit of that stubborn gene. This innate ability that exists in each of us is a powerful tool that if use appropriately will give someone that extra edge needed to achieve what he or she desires.

You might find yourself in situations where you have to push through or even go against conventional wisdom, rules and society expectations. At this juncture, some would attribute it to sheer determination or strong willpower to persevere but I simply like to call it measured stubbornness.

This powerful tool is like a double-edged sword that can win you battles or end your life. Figuratively speaking to a certain extent that is.

As you might have noticed, successful people appears to be ‘cut from a different cloth’. If you were to look closely enough, you will find that this trait of measured stubbornness is more pronounced in them.

Now, most of us have been brought up in the ‘traits and personality’ department where being stubborn is frequently shunned upon. Society has effectively associate stubborness as improper behaviour.

I don’t condone sheer stubbornness where the outcomes are not considered or weighed upon but imagine what could happen when you have done the necessary research in something and you strongly belief that it could work out and you take action in it despite what the naysayers, even if it is from people that you care about, telling you otherwise.

Herein lies the crux of the matter.

You stand to gain 0% chance in achieving whatever success that you want if you do not wake up that stubborn gene in you and give it your best shot, with proper measure having taken that is.

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