By the power of time

The value of time is often forgotten and regarded as an entity that merits no proper consideration. I mean, who buys time, right?

Those who place an insurmountable value on time understands that it is an essential ingredient to whip out that desired outcome. If you truly want to be successful, you have to master time.

Successful people are willing to invest whatever is in their capacity to ‘buy’ time. Either freeing up their schedules for more important events by employing extra help, utilising technology to automate procedures or simply read and learn from an expert about a topic, say cooking, rather than going into the kitchen with no knowledge or experience and ending up literally, cooking up a storm.

I know from first hand experience that mastering time is no easy feat. A little technique that I use to assist me in that area is to give myself a daily schedule – from the time I wake up to when I hit the sack.

Imagine you are a star, indeed you are in your own reality show, and you have this annoying personal assistant who keeps pestering you to hurry up and not be late. Now you might not have the ability to do that but this comes pretty close.

I’ll be the first one to admit, that I am a work in progress in this area. Slipped up couple of times but even so, this habit of scheduling my time has given me the ability to ‘buy’ time as I became more aware of where I have spent it and what could be done to improve my situation.

If time is a currency, how would you spend it?

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