Be with the ‘right’ company

The road to success is often times a lonely one. However, as social creatures, we need and value that personal connection with others. Now, with the internet, it has created many opportunities to stay in touch or connect with new people.

Choosing the right group of people to be around with can play a significant role in your journey. When you are on this special path to success, the majority will tend to have mixed feelings about it. In the beginning, sometimes people who you thought might have your back will perhaps be the least supportive.

Please don’t leave them just because they do not share your pursuits and aspirations. In many cases, they are simply concerned about your well being and want only the best for you, according to what they know.

This is where being with the ‘right’ company of people makes a huge difference. The ones that inspire, motivate, push or pull you up are the ones to keep close. What this does is that it will psychologically drive you up along the path to your success.

If there are no one you have in your contact list that falls into this category, this is where a little creativity and effort are needed. Sources such as books, audios and videos of the people that you aspire to be as successful as or those who can help you attain that goal are easily accessible, especially in this day and age. What you need to do, is just search for these people and spend time with/on them.

Personally, I make a conscious effort to either read, listen or watch them daily and I have to say that it does give me the extra edge and a strong sense of self-belief to continue on my journey despite any kind of feedbacks I received from people in my list of contacts.

Who you spend most of your time with will have an influence on you. The choice is yours to make. 

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