Stick with it

Ever felt like you have not yet progress enough despite putting in your best effort? How does that make you feel?

The general reply when asked the question would be to keep on smiling but in their hearts, they’ll tell themselves that they are done.

Climbing to the top requires you to keep placing one hand above the other rail till you reach the final one. For those who just started climbing, that would seem quite daunting, especially when they look up and see how many more they still need to go.

Searching for ways or strategies to success is quite easy. Sticking with it is a whole other story.

Imagine a person who wants to lose weight so he runs every morning for five days consecutively, eats right and gets plenty of rest. However, when he looks into the mirror, he did not see any change or perhaps just one that is too minor to merit any cause for celebration.

What would you do in his situation? Honestly. 

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