Start with the easiest

The art of the start befuddles many. There is one side who advocates starting with the difficult tasks whereas the other one, believes in doing the opposite. To be honest, reading the different perspectives confuses me even more.

However, after some reading and learning by trial and error, I have found that what works best for me, is to start with the easiest.

When I actually gave some thought to why it was so for me, I found out that by starting with the easiest one – where I can easily accomplish the task – it gave me a sense of achievement which fuels me to work on the other ones. It brings about a momentum of completing something which psychologically gives me the drive or that much needed motivation to do other things.

This realisation has provided me with a mental compass whenever I am in a situation where I am procrastinating or simply bogged down by the many tasks that needed to be completed.

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