What will your story be?

I believe that each of us has a story to tell. I believe that every human being have a massive potential that if it were to be polished, will add immense value to the world.

The little world that we are in will often times determine the cause of action and the path we choose. This alone plays a significant role in determining how close or far we are from realising our true potential.

We often confine ourselves with those around us and more often than not, share pride in people from our circle who has ‘made it’. To this, I respect that support system we gladly give to our fellow brethren. But now, I would like to pose a question to ourselves; how about us?

What are we doing to achieve the ‘I have made it’ stage? Are we going to forever stand in the sidelines and watch while others revel in their own success?

We have mentioned the power of belief in previous posts but if you don’t have that yet, surround yourself with people who does. And if you can’t find them around you, find them in videos, audios and books. We are surrounded with a vast amount of inspiration and a lot of them cost nothing to access.

The only price that we pay them with is our time.

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