Taking responsibility for your life

When we were young, we have dreams that when we think about them, get us so excited and full of zest for life. The heavens were pretty much the limit when it comes to the dreams of that young boy or girl.

As life moves forward, the dream loses its vibrant colours and most people tend to surrender their situation to fate. This resignation from the life that they imagined is never given much considerable thought because in their minds, it was just a dream of a child who does not know what the world truly is.

The bills, rising cost of living, societal demands, peer pressure, regulations, life events and a list of never ending things that becomes the typical vendors receiving the blame as to why they are not living their dreams.

It is a fair statement to mention the above. However, could we be actually hiding behind them from doing what we have been told ever since we were young but never in this scale of things, to do?

Take responsibility.

A lot of us are familiar with that term. But we seldom associate it with our own life. More often than not, we let the current events in our lives determine the course it takes. At that moment, we might think that we were actually taking responsibility of our lives but in truth, it was just simply reacting to what was happening.

Taking responsibility requires you to pull up the jam break on your life and making the tough decisions. When you fully take responsibility for your life, an immense weight will be placed on your shoulders but also, an incredible strength which was unknown to you will reveal itself to help you get to where you want to go.

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