Success leaves clues

We sometimes wonder if those success stories we see, hear or read are indeed true, at least I used to. To that young boy, it was to some extent like taking a piece from fairy tale land. The feeling was as though we were literally living in separate worlds and quite often, the dream was to transcend to that shining and gleaming place.

As I began to get my hands on everything I could on successful people, the previously separate worlds began to collide and eventually as time passes, two became one. When the realisation hits, the search to achieve what those people did began.

What I found out was that most of these people love to share and in some cases, I give my heartiest gratitude to all the interviewers out there. With these library of resources, my search began to uncover strategies, activities, mind conditioning methods and some, even detailing step by step procedures to get to the desired success.

The clues are out there. The question remains, what do we do when we find them? 

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