Humility is always in fashion

As you become more successful in life, it is always important to remain humble. Take pride of your success and be grateful for it. However, to bring someone else down simply because you can says a lot about your character.

The phrase ‘be the bigger person’ comes to mind when situations as such arise. We need to often remind ourselves that we too did not come from whatever stage in life we are now. Perhaps we might have encountered some unfortunate people during our journey but deep down, we do know the good the world can bring if we were to meet wonderful people along our way.

I doubt that anyone likes an obnoxious person. Even if they do appear to do so, it could probably only be for some other reasons. I certainly do not see the point of not being humble as there will always be someone else who is better and more successful than you, no matter what the rankings in the major prints might say.

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