Give yourself a break

I have realised that in the pursuit to achieve success, taking a break and slipping up are bound to happen. What we have always done, at least I have, is to work my hardest not to slip up or take a break. And when I eventually do, I just combust.

You see, programming yourself to be absolutely focus on your objective is not the best way I have found. I guess there are some truth to the ideas of gradual increase or decrease, ‘slow and steady’, ‘cheat meals’ and the likes.

I am not saying that no one could go cold turkey and be absolutely focus on their objective and succeed. I am sure there are and I salute them for that. I believe there is not just one way to achieving success. And I have found that as much as having the end goal and being committed to it plays an important role, you need to also enjoy the journey or else the tendency for you to slip up significantly increases and if you react like most people, you’ll end up feeling disappointed in yourself and in many cases, abandoning your goals and objectives.

Remember, the most important thing I believe is, not screwing up but getting back up.

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