Success Begins with ‘S’, so Does Start

If memory serves, I have wrote about this before. However, I find that this desperately needs occasionally reminding of. The workings of the mind is so fluid that it flows from one to another and get lost in whatever it is put its attention to.

In order to achieve success, we need to take the first step a.k.a start. The body needs to move and this physiological effect will then enable the progression to achieve the object of desire to take place. It is like starting the engines, getting it warmed up and then taking it to wherever you want it to.

Initially, I thought by doing simple everyday acts like getting out of bed, having breakfast and getting some exercise in, it will allow the natural progression to work on achieving whatever you want to but I have learned that isn’t so.

You need to force yourself to start working on the things you want to if you want to achieve success in anything. They say that the path to success requires you to struggle. Well, we have been told that struggle is a painful thing therefore we do our best to avoid it and hence why not everyone is achieving the success that they dream of having.

Struggling is just a term of an act where you do your best to achieve whatever you desire. This realisation is something that I am very excited about and I hope to explore this.

It looks like we have another word that starts with ‘S’.

Struggle 😉

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