A Different Perspective

I love interviewing people. Gaining insight into their world and also to get their perspectives on things. I always believe that each person is a treasure yet to be discovered and it is so interesting that people, at least most of them, love to share but only a few explores that.

When I was much younger, I have always been curious and excited about successful people. Wait, who am I kidding, if they were rich and famous, I wanted to know. Thankfully as I grew older, I began to understand the difference between those things and I have to admit, still a work in progress.

I realise from speaking to different people is that the way one looks at things pretty much shape their life. The ones who are less negative and more positive are my favourites. I find that they are the people that I would love to be around and generally, most of them if not all, are pretty successful in their own right.

Perspective should not define you but it does provide you a compass of sorts.

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