Other Than You

Family. Friends. Community. Any groups for that matter.

These are important to have when you are chasing success. Many times I have heard about thinking of others before yourself and most times I had been very critical about that concept.

I used to feel that if we did not look after ourselves, who would?

To a certain extent, I believe that still stands however the point that I want to shed the spotlight on is the fact that when you care more about someone other than yourself, you start to behave differently in a more positive manner. It is to many that much needed push or drive to be successful in whatever it is that one chooses.

Sometimes, you have these big dreams and aspirations, however, when the situation gets tough, you find that it is often more easy to simply let go than continue with the struggle as it is only YOUR dreams, YOUR aspirations and YOUR life. But when you put someone else’s into the picture, it changes pretty much everything, unless you could not care less about the person.

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