Age is Just a Number

Sometimes when you have reached a certain age, people might tell you that you have passed your prime and you should get in the factory line to do what everyone else is doing. In other words, stop dreaming and start facing reality.

If Colonel Sanders of KFC is anything to go by, I reckon that those people should keep that comments to themselves. Surely, some might argue that his scenario is not ‘normal’. But that is exactly it, whoever does something ‘normal’ and achieve their dreams?

The glitzy world of stardom propagated by the media have shown that age is quite irrelevant in respect to success. What is or not shown is the strong dedication and hard work of the artiste or the team behind them that allowed them to reach the level of success that they are experiencing.

Children nowadays are becoming very much interested to be the next sensation. However, I believe that as much as many do their best to curb this interest in the children and keeps on pushing them to study hard, which will only repel them further, lessons of hard work and dedication observed on the artistes could be instill in them from a young age. This will most definitely carry them towards whatever they want to achieve in life.

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