Starting is a Series of Starts


“Isn’t starting, the start.. the beginning?”

We have always thought that starting usually takes place in the beginning of an endeavour, at least I do. However, what if in actual fact of the matter is that we will always be starting until we finish whatever we set out to accomplish?

Say you are overweight and you want to get healthy. It most definitely would not occur overnight unless you opt for an invasive surgery of sorts. You would naturally have to consistently and diligently work out regularly and control your diet. And this will occur in a span of time.

Looking back, I have personally went through this. And I am sure that many have too. Each day is a new day, literally. Starting on Day 1 does not mean that you don’t have to do it anymore. In fact, until you reach your goal, you will have to continuously start each single day.

Starting is tough. And imagine when you have to do it on a regular basis. Hence why not many succeed because it does indeed require a lot of hard work. But here’s a tip.

Once you cultivate the habit of starting – which is in itself a challenge – the path gets easier and the routine gets more bearable. But to achieve that, you need to reign in your comfort/lazy genes.

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