Embracing Failure

Embracing failure is to many a big ask. Most of us have been raised in environments that celebrates success and shuns failures. The behaviour of many towards it is no wonder why the current situation is as such.

In order to be great or successful, there is a need to do something unexpected, different and probably, even untested. If we had it our way, we will want them all to turn out right. But do as you may, that is rarely(extremely) the case.

The main idea when embracing failure is to not let it define you and to take it in stride. The hope is that you will try harder or better next time and hopefully achieve whatever it is you want to.

Herein lies the problem. What does do better or try harder actually mean? I am sure many mask their frustrations and annoyances with a smile whenever that is told to them. For many years, I have been accepting that and even applying it to conversations with others, when relevant of course.

However, I have now realised that those ‘comforting’ words are sort of a ‘poster child’ for words to say to others when they fail. What I found out is that, instead of saying those things, if you could, give suggestions and provide ways for them to be successful the next time.

Yes, embracing failure is to take it in stride and learn from it. To be better, you need to do some things differently. Look to others who are already successful in the thing you want to achieve and study them. Please do not give the excuse that what you are embarking on is unique therefore you have no where to look up to. If that is so, which I really want to hear about, look for similar paths.

Knowledge is literally at your fingertips. Now, more than ever before, the only thing that is stopping you from achieving whatever it is you want, is you, yourself.

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