“How Can I Motivate Myself?”

Like many of you, I have frequently asked myself and at times, asked of this question. I was not only curious but quite determined to find out the holy grail. Looking at those successful people, I always wonder how did they motivate themselves to achieve what they have now.

After doing some researching on it, albeit secondary, testing and adopting different methods – from goal setting, creating a schedule, making deals with myself and even others to even declaring to others that I would be doing whatever it is that I wanted to do (some emotional/psychological blackmail attempt) – I find that the best way, at least for me, is to literally force myself to do it.

I have realised that you will never feel like doing the things you need to do to get to where you want to be. It will always seem ‘hard’ and you will start to make up excuses in your head and probably tell yourself that you’ll do it tomorrow.

The initial beginnings will indefinitely be the most hardest of the journey but that is where persistence and a successfully proven strategy comes into play.

Here’s my personal tip for overcoming the ‘no motivation’ syndrome:

Do at least one thing that you don’t want to do every day (because you’re lazy so you give yourself or others excuses).

Once you get into the habit of this (it is hard work BUT the rewards will be worth so much more than your all your efforts combined), you will find it easier to get a start on things you need to do. I don’t care if it is washing the dishes, cleaning your room, brushing your teeth, writing a book or keeping in touch with others. As long as you are making up excuses to avoid doing something, do that.

Like the excuses you’re thinking up right now to not do this tip. STOP!

Go do it!

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