“Before I die…”

I am certain we all know that we cannot live forever and that one day we too shall leave this world. It has become a norm to know it in the back of our minds but very few internalises it. Death has always been associated with negative emotions such as pain, hurt and loss therefore we, being the emotional creatures that we are, do our best to not let the thought of ‘death’ comes into our mind space. Most of us are so tied up with our lives that we rarely give much thought to it. We are too busy with our plans; planning on the place to retire, discussing activities to do then and some might also plan to repent when they are at that stage in life or even perhaps start to give back to society.

What needs to be reminded is that death is not only for a group of people who are of a certain age. It does not discriminate amongst the various groups of people in this world either. But what is certain is that it will come to every human being and the best thing is that the date is unknown. With that in mind, often times we prioritise our lives with things that seem important at that moment but in the end, when our time in this world is up, those things do not matter. I always believe that each of us have in our own unique ways, a purpose in this world – be it with our talents, ideas, passions or even positive energies – and we should not cast them aside, being blinded by the glitz of this world which are indeed just temporary. If you can live with that in mind, then this will be your compass to living a meaningful and successful life.

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