The Art of Planning

There are many writings on planning out there. Strategies are aplenty. But even so the outcome varies. To some, it turns out to be a massive success but to others, quite the opposite. But one thing for sure is, the old saying by Winston Churchill stands:

He who fails to plan, plans to fail.

After having done my share of plannings, I became frustrated with the lack of desired outcomes that I had received. So in my immature way of retaliation, I decided to do away with making plans. What is the point of spending time planning when the result will be disappointing. I rather let nature take its course so for a while, I drifted. I let the currents of time and situations carry me until I realised that no one, not even the people around me is going to get me out of this state. This realisation shoved me out of that wandering state and get me to acknowledge that things will not change unless I will it to, divine intervention aside.

Making plans was like a breath of fresh air. The excitement of it all, seeing my future laid out as how I want it to was a strong motivation to live fully. As a believer in a higher power, I am well aware that these plans coupled with my devotion to them is nothing without the seal of approval from the power above but having these plans are comforting nonetheless. I also now realised that sometimes despite all the plannings and having given your best, I may still not be able to achieve the intended desired outcome. That is the workings of life. The beauty of it, if I may put it so bluntly. When that happens, it is a test to see if we can pass it or not. The most important thing is to continually have faith and never stop planning despite the setbacks that may present themselves in your journey. 

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