Being Bored is a Good Sign

There will come a time in a person’s life, when they will experience boredom and too some, it will happen frequently. Having gone through that period couple of times, I have develop a radar of sorts to notice the signs when boredom is looming. One of the most important, if not is, is that I feel comfortable. This feeling is a prerequisite for boredom. As humans, we are meant to continuously explore and seek for different and new experiences. However, as we have been doctrinated by our environment and society into acceptance and conforming with the status quo, that innate feeling is suppressed.

If left unattended, this could lead to the peril of the society of our times. Acknowledging boredom is the first step. The next, is to make a conscious decision to not succumb to it. Only then, could you proceed with the next one which is to be relentlessly curious. This is the time to go out and research about the things that you have been wanting to do or know. When you are in that state, boredom pretty much creeps out of your life. And that my friend, is a simple 3 steps cure to boredom.

  1. Acknowledging that you are bored.
  2. Make a conscious decision to not succumb to boredom.
  3. Be relentlessly curious about things.

The moment of greatness can sometime occur when you feel bored. It is up to you to decide where this gift brings you in life. 

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