Your Ideas Will Not Get You Anywhere

The world often applauds the men and women with big ideas that makes the place we live in better. Even to the extent of being recorded into history. Well, at least that is what the public generally gets to see. The truth is far from it. Ideas are indeed dime in a dozen. You might think that no one has ever thought about your brilliant idea but the sad truth is, someone probably had. Then you might think, where is the proof? That is where research comes in.

Often times, you would find that there are already people doing what you have been thinking. And you will then feel down and out. Thinking that it could have been you and start beating yourself up.

This is the point that you have to realise that it does not matter if someone else has thought about your idea and even already doing something about it. If it means something to you then it only has made your opportunity all the more brighter. Those people have done the ground work so you just need to study them and make it better. What really matters in the end, is not your idea but what you do about it.

If you have a big idea, any idea of sorts to better your lives or the people around you or even the world for that matter, what are you going to do with it? Are you going to let it stay in your mind because of the circumstances in your life? Deprived yourself, people around you or the world because you are scared? Are you perhaps content with repeatedly seeing other people doing great things with the same ideas that you had and receiving all the glory? Or are you done with being average and ready to take the flight of your life?

P.S. Once you have taken off, you might like it a bit too much and perhaps find it hard to not take flight again, and again. Enjoy!

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