Tame Your Ego

Most people claim to be open and understanding. However, the truth is far from it. Especially when it involves themselves. The extreme scenario is when someone else is going against something that they truly believe in. Now, how would one then know when is the time to listen to others and when is the time to trust your gut and just go. It could get quite confusing.

As someone who is quite adamant and certain in his thoughts, I have countless times ignore rational and valid concerns from others who I know have only my best interest. It has got me quite ahead of things however, I could use a bit of listening to others sometimes. It is quite easy to get carried away and live in your own world but would it hurt to listen to the views of others, especially those who have much experience and only wish the best for you.

I have learned that to do so, there is a need to tame this feeling in your heart called ego. Yes, you may have accomplished many successes in your life already but there are many others who have done more than you. Thinking along this line is a simple technique that I have used to suppress this raging ego. When that is done, you will then be in a more ready state to receive inputs from others. Now, listening to them does not mean that you have to follow everything that they said. It is simply to have an external party other than yourself, your mind and heart doing the decision making. This will prevent you from doing something that will not benefit you or even, from being delusional.

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