We Are All People

When I was young, I used to not notice the salespeople at the malls, the cleaners along the streets, the bus or taxi drivers, even the police officers keeping our city safe. It was as though they were not people, like the ones I know. In my mind, they simply just exist.

Thankfully, as I grew older, I became more aware of those that I meet in my daily lives. I take more notice of them and I began to become curious about their lives. As I met many more others, it was clear to me that everyone has a story, just waiting to be shared. Those nameless people that I used to walk past by without a care became to me, a wealth of stories waiting to be discovered.

I started to appreciate everyone as a fellow human being, and with that realisation, it has brought forth a greater understanding of others thus creating a positive environment that has work well in building relationships. Essentially, as a human being, I learned that we all want to be appreciated, regardless of what station in life we are at. 

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