Block Your Time

Most of us are aware that we procrastinate or that we occasionally not do what needs to be done because in our defense, we were busy with something else. By now, I believe that we can be adults about it and admit that we were wrong. That most of us are simply using that excuse due their fear of failure or lack of restraint.

I am no one to judge as I myself am guilty of that, on many occasions no less. However, in my attempt to self-improvement, I have found that you need to literally force yourself to block time off your day to do what needs to be done. There simply is no other better way, at least to my knowledge.

Schedule your day as best as you could and work hard to follow it. Be gentle on yourself. If you are only starting out, do not set unreasonable schedules for you to adhere to. That will just make you hate this method. Take into account your pleasures, or dare I say guilty pleasures, be it stalking your friends on Facebook, posting and liking on Instagram, watching videos on Youtube or even catching up on your dramas, be it Western, Korean or whatever you fancy.

You can either run your time or let your time run you. The choice is yours.

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