Work That Body

I am a firm believer that health is indeed more valuable than money. I also understand that you are better off having money when your health is failing you. To put it simply, it is good to have both.

Now, in the pursuit for a better and successful life, I am always cautious to not make sacrifices that I will come to later regret. Health is one of them. Often times, the people who work day and night are applauded for their strong dedication to work. However, I believe that culture should be put to rest. There is more to life than slaving yourself to work. Worse is if that work is not something that you love doing.

Therefore I make it a point to make an extra effort to slot in a work out or run or a type of sport into my daily schedule. This provides me with discipline and energy for the things I want to do in life. Plus, it gets me into good shape. With that winning combination of your inner and outerself checked, wouldn’t you be more poised for success? 😉

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