Buying Time

Earlier today there was a situation where I could choose to either spend money on a cab to make my life easier or save it and take a walk. So I chose the latter since I wanted to explore the area anyways. I am sure that this story is not particularly unique as many have been in similar situations where they have to decide either to spend or save their money on something.

To cut the story short, it was not worth it.

Despite getting to know more of the area and having some alone time.. No, I should stop glamorising the situation. It took me much longer than anticipated. Lesson learned, spend the money. Situations might differ. That is where you have to access which of your resources are limited. Truly limited. Do not take it on the face value. It might seem that one is more limited than the other when you can hold one it physically. But if you only understand, then you would think differently.

I might sound too simplistic by saying this but I believe that it is point blank true – Money can always be made back but not time. 


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