Practise Your Way to Success

The word ‘practise’ is commonplace in any success motivated events. However, it has been thrown around so loosely now that it has lost its meaning. Also, the word is more often found at the end of tongues than in actual practise. Many well meaning individuals have given advices to others to work hard and practise on their respective crafts. Often they missed out the part on being devoted to practising. It is only with that continuous devotion and persistent will true success materialise. The road will not be smooth sailing, you can count on that. But that trecherous road will even itself out when the practise sessions become a habit to the point of being, as most call it, ‘second nature’. Successful people have indeed done their practises many times over and when they display their craft, the audience would generally be floored by the amazing feat that they have just witnessed. If only they can see the hard road of practise that was chartered to get to what they just saw.

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