Don’t Talk Bad About Others

Meeting and talking with people is fun. We all enjoy doing that, well, at least most of us do. However, I believe that there should be basic rules that one has to apply in those situations. One of the most important rule I find is to not talk bad about others. It has a few implications.

1)   It reflects poor character.

2)   The mood of the conversation turns negative

And if a person can talk bad about others to you, what is stopping him/her from doing the same about you to others?

I believe that this behaviour has a negative snowball effect which is not healthy for the environment one is in. It affects the dynamics of the relationship and the mind of those in it.

So as the saying goes, ‘CHANGE STARTS WITH YOU’. Resist from talking bad about others. The beginning might be hard. But the road to success is never an easy one. Wouldn’t it be great if this poor habit disappears? You might not feel the effect of this if it is about other people but what if it is about you? Or your loved ones?

Perhaps, it is probably best to keep quiet if you have nothing good to say. 😉

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