Heart Work

I believe that if you want to achieve something great, you have to put hard work into it. There is no other way. Whoever tells you otherwise, they might most probably be selling you a scam or just not want you to achieve whatever that you have set out for. Unfortunately, we have been conditioned to seek instant gratification in this day and age that we tend to be easily drawn to those that promises us such. However, working hard is only one part of the equation. To produce your best work, I find that you need to also put your heart into it.

Hard Work + Heart = Heart Work (aka Your Best Work)

When someone puts in their heart into his or her work, the receiver/stakeholders of the service or goods will be able to sense it. It could be the little things that you do; be it your smile, your enthusiasm, your empathy or the extra mile you went to ensure the receiver’s satisfaction.

Imagine if all service providers and business owners were to put in their Heart Work into whatever they do, I am almost certain that they will be very well rewarded. Naturally, when you put in your Heart Work, you will do whatever it takes to ensure the best possible outcome for your endeavor, simply because you care. It matters to you. People behave differently towards things that matter to them and those that do not.

Choose to do things that means something to you. Care about it. Put your heart work into it. Thereafter be grateful and rejoice in the outcome, knowing that you have done your best work.

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