Stop Playing Victim

We all want to achieve or do great things, at least most of us do. Typically, when an idea or a spark of inspiration strikes, the excitement that one experiences tends to overflow in that moment. You envision how amazing it would be when your idea materialises, you tell anyone that would listen about it and you felt like you could not wait to start on it.

Then this thing called ‘life’ happens; your personal or relationship commitments interfere, your ‘never ending work’ keeps on piling, you became unwell, the economy went bust or many other things which I am sure you can think of occur.

I am not going to discredit the events that occur in your life and how it affects you as I believe that each of us is given challenges that tailors to what we can manage. However, having said that, I am not going to agree that those are valid reasons to avoid pursuing your goals and ideas.

To me, an idea is a gift. Your gift to the world. An opportunity to make a difference. A good difference. Not pursuing or at least giving them the due chance to materialise is denying the world of it. We need to do a check on ourselves and realign our purpose in this world. It is common that we forget due to events that occur in our lives. So in acknowledging that, we need to make an extra effort to ensure that we do not let ourselves be pulled in by the current of life.

Set aside a time in your week/day to spend on your ideas or goals. Stop playing victim. 

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