Choose to Think Big

To think big or think small? Which one of these is easier?

Regardless whichever side you choose, you are mistaken. Most of us have been conditioned to assume that if we think small enough, we will greatly reduce the possibility of being disappointed and if we think too big, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.

Here’s the not-so-big secret: IT DOES NOT MATTER!

Our mind does not discriminate like our fear or ‘friend’ does when it comes to our thoughts. Whichever side we choose, our incredible mind will find ways to figure out the way to get to the goal. In the past, I have observed that the younger generation tends to think big while the older ones tend to lean towards thinking small. However, what alarms me at this moment is that nowadays, even the younger generation is also thinking small. I am reluctant to pinpoint the exact groups of people that is contributing to this conditioning of the young minds however with almost absolute certainty, I can say that our environment affects the way we think.

Therefore if we are either an elder sibling, a parent, a public figure or just anyone who someone else looks up to, yes even having 1 follower on twitter or Instagram counts, we owe it to the future of our world to encourage thinking big.

I am a big believer that we each need to make our lives count so as the saying goes:

“Go Big or Go Home!”

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