Making Excuses is a Turn Off

Have you ever come across someone who makes excuses when he or she fails to do what was agreed upon?

I can tell you that it is quite distasteful. Admittedly, I fall into that category too. No matter how much I keep telling myself that I will do as I said, I have my occasional slip ups. However, I’ll be the first to say that that does not cut it. I abhor making excuses as in my mind, I feel like I have let myself down, more than others. And that feeling fuels me to work my hardest to make it happen.

We are all equipped to achieve whatever we have set ourselves out to accomplish. However, due to our limiting self-beliefs and imaginary fear of the unknown, we unconsciously protect ourselves by unknowingly sabotaging our tasks and then making up excuses for it. And these excuses which might start off as a defense mechanism, with frequent use, becomes embodied to a person’s main frame. In other words, those excuses become a definition of oneself.

Take for example, if you keep telling others or yourself that you have no time to do what is needed then you will eventually believe that indeed you have very little time. In other words, you will most likely reject or avoid great opportunities that come your way due to that unconscious conditioning of your mind. And the not so funny thing is, the amount of time given to everyone is the same.

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