The Measure of Success

It used to be the ones with the most money, intelligence, credentials, titles and whatever the public deemed worthy enough who are placed in the ‘successful’ category. Thankfully though, more are shying away from using that checklist in measuring success of a person.

In the first place, is it even right to measure someone else’s success?

I personally believe that success is intimate. It is innate. And it definitely is not anyone else’s business. However, as we are on the subject, if it should be measured at all by others, should it not be by something more intangible?

We now often hear of happiness being equate to success and to a certain extent, I quite agree with that. However, after careful observation of people around who are deemed by the public more ‘successful’, I find that the common theme found in most of their stories, is the great value that they provide to many others. And that is usually rewarded by the material things that have been casually used as a measurement by the general public.

People find value in different things. But there are only a few needs of a human being. And no matter how much they tell themselves how special they are, that fact still remains. If you look at someone who is called a ‘success story’, I believe that in most cases, you can find the value that they have given to receive that ‘title’. Having said that, I truly believe that each one of us has the potential to be a ‘success story’, if we can only identify and work on the value that we can provide to the world, or at least, the people around us.

In the end, what would we rather have written as our legacy; the one who died with a lot of money which he hoarded and now cannot spend or the one who has provided great value to the world when he was alive and his actions are emulated now that he is not?

P.S. Money is just a tool. It’s how you use it that matters.

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