Don’t Lose Sight of What Truly Matters

Often times in the pursuit of success, we tend to be overwhelm with the amount of work that needs to be done. In the beginning, when you are starting on your path, the anxiety level is usually on a high. The temptation to learn and do everything is quite hard to resist. Unfortunately, at this stage, most tend to pay more attention than they actually should on things that has little or no effect on the mission at hand. By doing so, they deprive the limited time and resources that they have from investing in what truly matters. This could often be due to having done a lot of research, listening to so-called experts and the most unfortunate one, seeking perfection.

I am for research. If not, how would you know what to do. I am for listening to experts, to either get some inspiration or learn from their experiences and expertise. And in some respect, I would prefer to present my best work, doesn’t everyone? I believe that in the end, it is my work. Or your work. It is a representation of oneself. And that alone is a strong motivator why one does all the above. However, always remember that all this research will mean nothing if it prevents you from moving forward or at all, for that matter, and making you lose sight of what truly matters.

Go ahead and do all the research that you want. Listen to the experts. Do your best work. But keep reminding yourself of the main objective. Your main objective.

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