Conquering Fear

We know that in this journey called success, we would eventually have to face our fears but we would be able to overcome them with our sheer determination and persistence. At least I hope we do. But when things do get too heavy or uncertain, what would your actions be? Take flight or fight?

I am no one to judge. It is an individual choice and I believe that they should all be respected. That being said, when we study the successful men and women, the attitude of never letting their fears stop them from achieving their goals becomes very apparent.

Fear is a choice. It is an outcome of a creative thought process, albeit a negative one. Part of our unconscious mind that serves to protect us presents it as a crutch for us to hold on to from venturing into the unknown and uncertain.

Most successful people attribute the conquering of fears to having a very big ‘why’. Others go by ‘just do it’. Whichever method(s) one chooses, it does not matter. You might probably know that you are on the right track if you are feeling uncomfortable. I believe that is the secret. When you are not in your comfort zone while attempting to achieve a goal, then you are probably on the right path.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower succinctly said, “One can attain a high degree of security in a prison cell if that’s all he wants out of life.” I know that most people if not all, who wants to be successful, want more out of life. They do not seek to be like the status quo. And for that to happen, they must take risks.

Cultivate the habit of being in the state of where you are not in your comfort zone to grow to achieve your goals and aspirations. Make it a daily ritual. Put on that running shoe each morning, skip the sweets, make the tough calls, schedule your time and most importantly, give yourself a chance.

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