Green Is Not The Colour Of Success

Ever come across people who when they hear of someone else’s successes, they tend to be negative about them?

It is indeed a sad situation to witness and now with the web, particularly, social media, these negative expressions are going viral thus garnering more attention than ever before. Some successful people, who are often talked about, have made a conscious choice to ignore these remarks, be it positive or otherwise, and decided to not involve themselves with any of it. However, there are also those who reads or listens to them. Some are able to laugh it off (for the negative ones) while others let it affect them.

One might wonder what this is all about. Why are people being envious or worse, jealous of someone else’s successes? And what is troubling is that, these people take it a step further and hurl curses at the successful people. I personally think that it is deplorable. Yes, you might crave/dream for that person’s success. Probably, you think that you deserve it more than them. Or perhaps you might not agree with how they got to achieving it. But honestly, what is your problem?

Instead of cursing them, wouldn’t it be better for you to learn from them and be successful yourself? Some of them have published autobiographies or even wrote books detailing how they got to where they are. Let’s not judge what their true intention of doing so. It will be a never ending discussion as who can possibly know another person’s true intention? Let’s assume the best in people and see how you can learn from those accounts. I believe that is more productive. After which, remember to take action. Success don’t just happen by reading and learning.

Stop being envious or jealous of someone else’s successes. Change this behaviour to something positive. Learn from them. Do not let your poor self-belief get the best of you.

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