SDR 060: “What’s next?”

When we speak about being successful, most would often talk about the goals that they want to achieve and how only will they then know that they have made it. So what many would do is that they will write down their goals, having a strong ‘why’ behind each of them, find out how to get there, work really hard and when they finally achieve whatever they have set out for, they will then feel on top of the world and live happily ever after.

Not quite.

Yes, you will feel on top of the world after you have succeeded in accomplishing your goals or dreams but after that huge rush of emotions washes over, you will feel empty again or in other words, hungry for more. The question that most will usually then ask is, “What’s next?”

Contentment is not a strong suit for mankind and it will serve us well to acknowledge that early on. Life is about the process. The journey, to reach your end destination. And I am not talking about your aspirations and dreams. Your final destination is your death. That is your end. Until you reach that station, you will always need to grow. Continually push yourself. Test yourself.

Always remember to be grateful for your blessings and accomplishments. But always strive to better yourself and never settle for anything below your standard. The determinant of a successful life is more in the journey than it is in the end.


2 months anniversary! Awesome! I know that that is a very short time in blog world. But hey, 2 months of continuous daily writing is quite an accomplishment, at least for me. I have clearly benefited from writing and sharing this reminders. I hope you do too.Thank you for your support! And let’s keep them coming.. ^_^

P.S. I’ll be using SDR for ‘Success Daily Reminder(s)’ for my title intro from now on.

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