SDR 061: Earn Your Own Success

You might have the potential. You might have the resources. But success will not materialise without you putting in the required work. Simple as that. Our society has been very accustomed to instant gratification that they continually seek it in almost all aspects of their lives, including the achieving of success. Hence the proliferation of get-rich-quick schemes becoming more prevalent in our community. We need to remember that behind the glitz and glamour of the successful people we see in the media is a lot of sweat, sleepless nights and tons of effort put in. Therefore reading of biographies and listening to interviews of such people provide an immense wealth of resources for anyone who aspires to emulate such level of success. After which, always remember to take action! Do not wait for the government, community, friends or even family members to agree or provide you with the necessary opportunities. Look out for it. And if it is not there, create it. People do care, but those who are depending on others, without valid medical reasons, are not fully ulitising the human spirit, mind and body. Remember, you need to earn your own success!

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