SDR 064: Run Away From Negative People

Our time and mind space are limited. And what and whoever we let into our garden should serve to better ourselves. If it does the opposite, we need to take active control of the situation and run as fast as possible from them. If not, they will suck us into their negative vortex which will divert us from achieving the successful life that we want.

To be successful, it is important to condition and prep your mind for it. Napoleon Hill wrote in his magnum opus, Think and Grow Rich that our thoughts play a very important role, if not the most, in determining our success. They can be conditioned and influenced by a number of things, one of them is the environment that we’re in. If it is filled with negative energy from the people there then it is for our own good that we get out of there as fast as we can.

However, do not confuse running away from these negative people with disrespecting them. We should respect everyone. That does not mean that we have to listen and sit still to things that drips with negativity. Some might argue that should we not then become the beacon of light in the environment and shine the positive energy around. As noble as that sounds, it is worth to attempt a few tries. However, I am sure that your life does not revolve around those people therefore we should not let them take away from our focus. Unless you have made it your life mission to do just that. Need I also remind you that changing someone else’s energy is one of the most difficult thing to do therefore align your actions with your priority.

The people around us has a great impact on our lives. And it will do us much good to remember that they do not need our permission to affect us, positive or otherwise.

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