SDR 065: Stand Up For Your Rights

Standing up for your rights be it as a customer, patron or human being for that matter, is very important. We might have noticed that often times, people give in and ‘let the matter slide’. Perhaps, we do it too. You might think that you are being merciful or gracious but could it be a sign of weakness instead? Regardless, the main thing here is that you need to set a standard for yourself. The actions that you take will reflect that. What’s troubling is that if the community or environment you are in takes a back seat approach on matters which are not done right, then the possibility for the rectification to occur will be zero to none.

If a party is not doing their job right, as a customer or stakeholder, it is your duty to inform or at least find out the reason. Sitting back and waiting for them to finally get their act together will be a frustrating ordeal for yourself. Some might not like this approach as they view it as being demanding thus uncomfortable. However, I believe that if the people around you adhere to a certain standard, it will also affect you in some manner. Furthermore, as a valued stakeholder, you need to remember that your words carry weight therefore do not let the establishment slide into peril just because you could not care to pay them a visit or even write a simple letter.

If you are afraid or shy, do not worry. Believe in what you are fighting for and remember that you are dealing with humans. Be considerate yet firm. You need to let them know that you are only exercising your rights and that they would too if they were in your shoes.

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