SDR 066: Let Death Remind You

I feel that we do not think about death as often as we should, at least I don’t, which I am working on. To most, it is a subject much ignored and dismissed from the mind. It is as though we are scared of death and by speaking of it, it somehow has the power to speed up our time. The fact of the matter is, no one can really tell when will our clock stops. Even doctors can’t. But what is for certain is that death will befall upon each of us.

We might think that we have an unlimited amount of time but we know deep down that we are only fooling ourselves. Earlier, I thought to myself, if I were to live up to a certain age, how would I want to have spent my life? Then I reduce the time period again, and again till I realise that what if it is in a few hours or even the next minute?

Honestly, if you have ever been told that you have the potential or you know you do, then you owe it to yourself to do whatever it takes to at least live up to it while not sacrificing your morals and principles. And if you think you got none, then you have not yet discover it. Keep searching. Each of us has something special to give.

Do not let your ideas and potential be kept locked in that mind of yours. Own and respect them. You are not going to live forever. It might even be scary to think that you can live up to your ‘potential’. But as Walt Disney said,

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”


Such a pity it would be if they were to join the many other brilliant ones who are already buried six foot under. Now, what you might want to do is to write down all the ideas that passes through your mind each day. It might be hard at first but keep at it and who knows, you’ll discover the amazing things your mind can churn out. Like some sort of an ‘idea jukebox’. What this does is that it enables you to acknowledge your self-worth and also be better at crafting your ideas. Therefore when you find and feel for the one that sticks, you’ll be better equipped to run with it.

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