SDR 067: Be Persistent At It

Great ideas are a dime in a dozen. So they say. In actual fact, it is much more than that. It might not seem like it or else many would have been successful, or so one might think. Brilliant ideas can be found in most people, even yourself. It does require you taking notice and working with it though but once you ignore it, it tends to wither away.

Being successful does not require you to come up with great inventions or revolutionary ideas. It will be awesome if you do that but it is not a must for success. What success needs most is your persistence. The road to success is most likely not going to be smooth sailing. It could even very well be boring. However, like building a house, if you keep putting a brick on top of the other, you will eventually end up with one.

If it means something to you, be persistent at it. Even water can make a dent on a rock if it is persistent. Imagine what you can do. The beginning might be tough, believe me I know. But you need to just show up and do what you have to.

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