SDR 070: What is Your Standard?

The main difference between someone who seems to ‘have it all’ with someone who does not, is their standards. Naturally, if a person demands a high standard for himself, his actions and attitudes towards life will be much different than someone who has a middle, low or none at all. Everyone has standards that they live by. And we often get that from our environment.

If you are surrounded with people who demand a high standard for themselves then this might not really be an issue for you. However for those who do not, don’t fret because you can determine what your standard is. Setting a standard for yourself gives you a guide for your actions. As we all know, our actions determine where we end up. Therefore it is important to guide them so that they are aligned with our goals and aspirations.

A good sign to take note when you need to change things up is when you feel bored or unmotivated in your day to day affairs. And a simple remedy to that is to raise your standard.

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