SDR 071: The Cure to Inaction

In the event you are stuck and find yourself paralyse from taking any action whatsoever, get up and move your body. It might sound very simplistic. But it works. You can sit in your chair and figure out what is happening to you, why can’t you do anything, and you will be doing them for a while and still not get anywhere, or you could just simply get up and move.

An effective method I find is to exercise. Cardio – running, swimming, cycling – is highly recommended. It does not have to be long. Say, 10-15 minutes of moderate to high intensity would be sufficient. It allows the blood to circulate better thus giving you a clearer mind. With that and an awakened mind and body, you will be more inclined to take action and proceed with your next course.

Cure to inaction -> In Action


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