SDR 073: Be Flexible Or Fail

Being flexible is something I find the need to continuously remind myself each time. Occassionally, there will be moments where you became so obsessed with your idea or method that you could not accept when it failed. At that moment, you felt like you were finished. Your life was over and that you are a failure. How tragic.

Herein lies what separates successful people from everyone else. Successful people fully comprehend that there is no one best way to do anything. Having this embedded into their mind allows them the flexibility that one needs to achieve success. In the end, what matters besides the journey, is reaching your destination. Therefore the mode of transportation and the route that you take should not be your main focus. Keep your eyes set on the final destination and always be ready to abandon course and jump ship. Do not get attached with your plans. Even if you have laboured over them for a very long time, know when to change course. Doing a wrong thing a thousand times, will not make it right.

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