SDR 074: Growing = Doing Things That Is Uncomfortable To You

Growing is indeed hard to do. But not growing is likely harder in the long run. Remember those times when you were handed tasks that you wanted to avoid not because it was a lot of work or that it was ‘beneath you’ but somehow you felt a sense of heaviness in your heart.

Now, I believe we can stop saying that the job was too big for you or something else along those lines. With the vast amount of resources available to us in this era that excuse should be left where it should have been, in the last one.

However, we still hear those reasons being given till today. Perhaps they are not aware of how to retrieve the answers through the piles of resources available. In any case, that could be a discussion for later. What we need to focus here is that there will come to each of us a time where we will be handed a task that somehow feels heavy to us and most will dwell on that fact and end up not performing it.

It is crucial to remember that we can handle the things that are thrown to us. But more importantly, we need to realise that more often than not, when something feels heavy to you, not because it goes against your beliefs, morals or principles, it is probably your fear in action. And it grows the more you feed it by giving in to them.

So I challenge you, next time, when you are faced with a task or assignment that feels heavy to you, take a step back. Assess if it goes against your beliefs, morals or principles. Once cleared, forget about everything else and just do it.

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