SDR 077: Act On It

So you have an idea. You might even have the plans. And you are already telling others about it. But the question remains, what have you done about it?

I am sure that there was a time when an idea you thought was brilliant enough or perhaps something you felt energised about sparked in you. It could also be very well researched and thought of. However, after all of that is done, there is still one more very important step to take – to act on it.

Most, myself included, dwell in perfecting an idea so much that we fail to actually start. Sometimes, we might even delude ourselves and others that we have started by showing the research done as prove.

It definitely is scary, taking that important step. At least that is what I feel. But if we don’t pull out the courage that is in each of us to actually start, then we might never figure out if the idea was any good.

We need to acknowledge and believe that there is no such thing as perfection and that there will always be room for improvement. Perhaps then we would have the necessary guts to brave this unknown territory.

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