SDR 078: Remember Why You Are Doing This In The First Place

Taking the road where few or none has taken is an ardous journey. Along the way, you are sure to meet individuals who will ignite doubts in your mind. You might start to waver in your conviction and if you allow this to define you then you will most likely make a u-turn.

In times like this, having a clearly defined goal or outcome will be most helpful. Consistently remind yourself of it. Make it a daily obsession. This will give you the antibiotic you need to fight off the doubts.

People will say a lot of things. Some of them hurtful. Especially in the beginning. However, once you begin to show positive results, they will start to be more accepting and may even go to the extent of encouraging you further. This is a normal human reaction, at least for most of them. Do not feel discouraged by this temporary set back. The start is always the hardest, this is where you will find out how tough you really are.

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